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Laitse Loss OÜ
76302 Laitse, Harjumaa
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Spending the night at Laitse Castle lives up to the expectations of romance exuding from the castle. The rooms are renovated in English country house style. The total number of beds is 20, with additional beds - 24. The rooms are large and spacious. The first floor rooms have been finished with oak and alder. The walls have been papered with famed Sanderson wallpapers. The oaken canopy beds have been built to order. We've done everything possible to make our guests feel like kings.

You're always surrounded by friendly smiles. It's a personal connection. Our staff will work to make sure of your comfort. Your car will sit in a safe parking lot. You won't have to worry about anything. Except your companion, of course.


From time to time it pays to pamper yourself and your loved ones. I´ts good for the soul.