IT'S THE YEAR 1923...

   Young Estonia has to make some tough choices. Times are hazy, all sorts of spies and suspicious folks lurking around. The country's high class might just have it a little bit easier, they choose, with whom they have dinner with.

 This time everyone is gathered to Laitse castle, which Woldemar von Üxküll built in 1892 and where he now has returned after his travels in Brasil. You can see statesmen and ladies men, thugs and holy men, ladies and gentlemen. But everything is not how it seems...

This is an engaging game that takes you to a world that you seldom encounter in your everyday life.

The four-course dinner and role play are held simultaneously and people stay in roles the whole evening. How the evening takes its course depends on the contribution of each participant. The game is run by experienced and clever game hosts.



Murder mystery role play

Accommodation in the castle with breakfast

Four-course dinner


Price: 190€ / for two people

Phone: +372 56 235 168


The start time of the dinner/event is around 7 PM, guests are advised to arrive at the castle around 6 PM at the latest.

Dress code is black tie, even better if it matches the era. If you still feel like something's missing, set your mind at rest - the hosts have brought along some accessories both for men and women.

PS! Murder mysteries can also be organized for a bigger group of people on request (corporate events, birthdays etc).


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Restaurant open

Fri, Sat 12:00-21:00 & Sun 12:00-19:00

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Laitse Loss OÜ
76302 Laitse, Harjumaa
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