You won't get bored at Laitse Castle. We have put together a variety of packages for our guests, whether it's for a fancy wedding feast, a relaxing vacation or an unforgettable seminar experience. We’ll welcome you with a smile and always with the warmest of service.

Glamourous murder mystery


This is an engaging game that takes you to a world that you seldom encounter in your everyday life.

The four-course dinner and role play are held simultaneously and people stay in roles the whole evening. How the evening takes its course depends on the contribution of each participant. The game is run by experienced and clever game hosts.

Romance package for two with unlimited steam room access


One does not always need much for a pleasant vacation - a great companion, delicious dinner and wondrous location will suffice. In the beautiful Laitse castle you can spend the night in a cozy room, where in addition you can enjoy the delight of limitless steam room use. In the morning we will bring breakfast to your door.

Starry night romance with sauna and massage


Oh how lovely it would be, if for once someone else would worry and cook and heat the sauna and clean up in the morning. And massage, oh my god, if someone would massage both me and him after the sauna… So we could have a relaxed and carefree evening and a leisurely morning together…

Laitse castle with its romance package for two awaits you!

When in the mood for sauna


The sauna complex accommodates about 12 guests. It has a separate recreation room, a wood stove sauna and a mini pool. The stove sauna and mini pool both accommodate up to 6 guests. Of course, there have been a record number of 11 kids splashing around in the pool at once. You can also order food from the restaurant menu down to the sauna. The sauna itself also has a separate entrance from the south side of the castle.

Want to become a master chef


The studio kitchen in Laitse castle was built precisely for master classes. 12 guests fit behind the marble kitchen surfaces. So, put your chef's hats on and let’s prepare some dinner! A wonderful idea for birthday celebrations, corporate outing events or group activities after seminars.

Want to photograph your loved one


Taking photos in the historic rooms of the castle can offer some exciting challenges and change of scenery next to the traditional photo studio setting. Whether it be a boudoir, nude or portrait series -  a professional photo session between castle walls adds some romance and mystery to it.

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